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3 Affordable Honeymoon Spots

Would you like to have a fabulous honeymoon but don’t spend thousands of dollars on it? You don’t have to break your bank to enjoy your honeymoon! In this article you’ll read about three inexpensive honeymoon destinations where you can easily get a very nice double room for less than 40 US dollars a night.

1. Thailand

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country extremely popular with tourists from all over the world. Thailand is a very popular destination among backpackers, families, retirees, expats and of course honeymooners. It’s a very diverse country which offers a very wide choice of tourist attractions, well developed tourist facilities and beautiful natural scenery.

What about tourist attractions of Thailand? It’s impossible to list them all here! The country has very beautiful tropical islands famous for white sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise sea. Moreover, it has fabulous historical sites such as ancient Buddhist temples called wats. Thailand is also a heaven for people who enjoy water activities – it has beautiful diving sites!

2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, an Indonesian island located in the Java Sea, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. And there should be no surprise. Bali offers a very wide variety of accommodation (including very affordable, yet comfortable bungalows), outstanding landscapes (make sure to visit rice terraces!), ancient Hindu temples and of course beautiful pristine tropical beaches.

What can you do there? Bali is a perfect place to relax at beautiful tropical beaches with your partner. It’s also a perfect place to discover a different way of life – rent a moped and drive through the island to escape tourist areas and get to know local people and authentic atmosphere of the island.

3. Extremely cheap Vietnam

Vietnam is definitely one of the most affordable places in the world. You can easily get a very comfortable double room for approximately 20 US dollars a night. Street food is also very cheap. Since Vietnam is less popular among tourists than Thailand or Bali, it’s a very good destination for honeymooners who want to experience something more original and authentic.

What can you do there? Vietnam is a perfect place for trekking (it has very beautiful mountains), beach vacation (it has one of the most beautiful beaches in South East Asia) and experiencing another way of life (visit local monasteries, temples, small villages). If you’re interested in adventure travel, explore the country with your partner on a motorbike.

Each of these destinations is a perfect place for cheap honeymoon. You can be sure that each of these places is a wonderful inexpensive destination for couples. Have fun and enjoy your honeymoon!

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