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A guide to abusive relationships

Are you in an abusive Relationship? You could be without knowing it.These relationships are all too common these days, and in a lot of cases the abuse is tolerated.These relationships can be anything from the relatively harmless to those that become deadly. You need to know the warning signs of abuse, and sometimes they are very subtle.Knowing the signs is a huge plus in deciding how to deal with the relationship.

If you feel that your spouse or partner is jealous or possessive, this is not a sign of dedicated love. Don’t be flattered…this is not what love is all about.You need to heed the warning signs. Is there a power struggle going on within the relationship? Does your partner have substance abuse problems? Does your partner come from an abusive family?

Your partner is very possessive and jealous, and this shows that he/she loves you very much. Right? Wrong. This is the sign of an abuser, and do not ever mistake it for love. Real love does not behave in such a destructive way.Is there a power struggle going on between you two? Does your partner have a substance abuse problem, or does he/she pressure you sexually? IF so, you may be in real trouble. Illegal drug users are prone to nasty outbursts and will threaten the other partner.

If you are feeling fear, anxiety, and worry that you may start an argument by saying or doing something wrong, you need to take a closer look at the relationship. All couples have disagreements from time to time, but living in fear is not an option.

Has your partner been in bad relationships before? That should be a red flag for you. There are two people in a relationship,and if one always has trouble,that is not a good sign.Be aware of his/her past behavior,and notice the unhealthy or destructive traits he/she exhibits.You do not want to be with a person who is showing such destructive attitudes and behavior.

Often people on the outside will recognize an abusive relationship long before the participants will.They will see the signs and wonder why the people stay in such a terrible situation. Often the man or woman in the relationship will not want to recognize or will be unable to recognize the warning signs.They stay because of fear…fear of retribution should they leave, and fear of being alone.They may even fear for their lives.

Lack of self-confidence or self-worth often stops people from leaving an abusive situation.A controlling partner can do irreparable harm to your self-esteem, leaving you feeling worthless and unwanted.You may be kept from family and friend,and not allowed to do anything that the abuser doesn’t approve. And they do not approve much. The other person is left with the idea that “I can’t live without him” and so they stay.

If you are in this kind of situation and believe that you must stay and take the abuse, this is not so. Talk to a trusted friend or counselor to get back on track again.

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