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An Overview Of The History Of The Traditional Biscuit

A biscuit is an edible, baked product made out of flour. The word ‘biscuit’ refers to something completely different in North America and something else in the Commonwealth nations. The traditional biscuit is a favorite with individuals across the globe, and Malaysia is no exception.

In the United States of America, the term ‘biscuit’ applies to leavened bread, which is small in size. It is soft and somewhat similar to what we call scones. The variation of the biscuit found in the southern region of the the USA, the beaten biscuit, is more closely related to the British version of the traditional biscuit.

In the Commonwealth nations of the world, such as Malaysia, the traditional biscuit is a hard baked product. Fairly often it’s sweet. This form of the biscuit could be referred to as a cookie, or perhaps a cracker, within the United States of America. In Canada, this product can be referred to as a cookie or as a biscuit.

In the British Isles, a biscuit could possibly be savory or sweet. A savory biscuit is usually known as a cracker. The sweet biscuit has many variations, like chocolate, ginger and cream biscuits among others. The biscuit comes in different flavors and forms, for example the wedding biscuit.

Bakeries in Malaysia manufacture excellent quality biscuits. You may get a taste of the traditional biscuit or modern versions. The wedding biscuit is a favourite for the occasion. Biscuits are a favorite among individuals of all ages. The only difference is perhaps the type or flavor of the biscuit that the person prefers.

The traditional biscuit may be prepared in quite a lot of ways. There are endless recipes available, in both cook books in addition to the internet. The internet offers you all types of recipes to prepare any and every kind of biscuit, be it a wedding biscuit or a chocolate chip cookie.

The wedding biscuit, for instance may be decorated in endless ways. In Malaysia, or for that matter anywhere in the world, you can place an order with manufactures and suppliers to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Whether you have a sweet tooth, or prefer savory biscuits, everything is available. The variety of biscuits available these days is literally limitless, with new recipes and preparations popping up every day.

The traditional biscuit was supposedly baked first by the Persians in the 7th century BC. With the crusades that spanned over the 12th and thirteenth century, the cooking methods of the Arabs were gradually introduced in Europe. Right now the biscuit is found anywhere and everywhere, from the US to Malaysia to Japan.

The modern version of the biscuit however was invented by the French. In the 14th century, the streets of Paris sold tiny, wafers with fruit fillings. Cookies however have a Dutch origin. The word ‘koekje’ in Dutch refers to a small/round cake. Dutch bakers would place small pieces of dough in their ovens so as to check the temperature. The traditional biscuit has indeed come a long way since its invention.

Word spread slowly, but in the ’50s, Fung Wong Biscuits became famous throughout Kuala Lumpur for being a modest Chinese bakery retailing exclusive Wedding Cakes. Following in his father’s footsteps, Kwok Chin continually developed new recipes and products that have expanded the variety of Chinese pastries offered.

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