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Are They Cheating? What To Do When You Think Your Spouse Is Cheating

The scariest thing that a lot of people face before they get married is what happens if they end up with a cheater? In front of the whole world, you took this person as your partner and swore that you would be faithful to them. Now you may be concerned that they didn’t honor their vows like you have. What to do when you think your spouse is cheating?

Why do you think they are cheating? What warning signs did they provide to you? It might have been being out late with buddies a couple of nights the previous week. It might have been a couple of nights ago when you were being amorous and they turned you down. Are they having their sexual needs provided somewhere else? These things happen occasionally. The occasional thing isn’t what you have to worry about. It’s the establishment of a constant pattern and when their character has a radical change.

One of the easiest things to see is the use of a cell phone and a computer. If your spouse used to always complain about their “electronic leash” and the number of people texting and suddenly is without the “electronic leash”, you might have a warning flag. Overages in the cell phone bill from an excessive number of calls or text messages might demand an explanation. An obsession with checking e-mail or instant messages could be another. They just might be worried that they will miss an e-mail or IM and miss the opportunity to meet their newest squeeze.

There are more signs like constantly starting fights, showing total disinterest, buying new clothes that you never see and claiming to work excessive overtime. You could fill pages up with the signs that your spouse may be cheating on you. In the end though, you just sort of know and will have to trust your instinct. You need proof before you confront them, but you really do just know, don’t you? In the end, only you can really answer the question of what to do when you think your spouse is cheating because it is your life. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, but unfortunately you are going to have to find out for sure one way or another.

I hope this article has given you some tips about what to do when you think your spouse is cheating. Just remember, if you think there is something wrong with yoru relationship, don’t do anything silly. Instead, sit back and be rational, but look out for these signs!

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