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Bands, Transending the Times

The first band originated around the 15th century in Germany. The first bands are said to have been using merely a reed instrument from the woodwind instrument family called Bassoon and the treble voice from the woodwind family itself which is the oboe. The usage of instruments like massive drums, flutes, cymbals and triangles became popular on the 18th century as these were introduced in the Turkish music termed Janissary and later on often played and eventually became instruments in a band.

During the occurrence of 1838, it was notably recorded that a band which was composed from 1,000 wind instruments and 200 drummers presented in Berlin for a Russian emperor. The ‘band’ terminology is used to describe a bunch of people who perform together with the use of various instruments.

Bands may go from performing for corporate entertainment, live entertainment or for wedding entertainment. Music being played would then range all the way from any kind like party music, birthday music, wedding ceremony music, function music and the like.

The music being played may also range from wedding music usually being done by a wedding band for wedding entertainment which in some sort becoming popular over the years.Band, in its basic nature may also be divided as a trio band whereby three people are joined together playing various instruments or a duo band with two people who are thought to be a virtuoso of a selected band instrument.

Today, a lot of tutorial establishments in the US or worldwide have bands which are made of marching bands, drum and lyre or drum and bugle corps who’ve been bringing pride to their schools contest after contest as competition of which have been important as years pass. To cite a couple, band competitions held at the Alexandra Palace, Manchester, London and Belle Vue were some of the famous listed. Also , the National Brass band competition held in 1900 was listed noteworthy of all times.

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