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Banish Bridezilla


Bridezilla is not the most flattering term to describe any woman. Just hearing the word conjures up images of a monster with a bouquet, veil and wedding dress. Your wedding is the one day when you want to look like a princess, so this makes it even worse to be tagged with such a dreadful name. If you want to keep your cool on your wedding day, and avoid the epithet, here are some tips that may help.

Everyone Should Enjoy Your Wedding

The wedding service may be a traditional ceremoney full of symbolism and traditional meaning, but the reception afterwards is supposed to be a party to be enjoyed. Although you’ve spent months planning this party, and thousands of dollars making sure that everything goes according to plan, when the day finally arrives the running of the party will be completely out of your hands. You will simply need to trust that everyone will do their job, and simply enjoy the party yourself.

So when the vanilla cake that you ordered turns out to be chocolate when you take the first slice, just take a deep breath because things happen. In many cases, the more work that you’ve put into preparing the reception, the more things there are that can possibly go wrong. But having the wrong cake is no excuse to throw it at anyone or leave your reception in a huff. Although you don’t have the right cake, no one but you will even know the difference. A cake is not going to ruin your life. Smile as you realize that your cake is wrong, then take a second piece and enjoy it.

There’s No Such Thing As Perfect

Now we can move on to the idea of perfection. For everyone planning a wedding, the ideal situation is for everything to be perfect.) But that’s a lot of pressure to put on any human being, especially a bride. Although perfection is an admirable goal, it is really not something that can be fully achieved. If you plan well and keep track of everything then you can come close to perfection. However, once the day comes when you are ready to walk down the aisle, it’s time to let it all go, take a breath, center yourself, and relax.

Remember to Smile

Remember your last job interview. Remember the way you felt – so nervous that you thought you were going to faint. You needed to be careful of everything you said and did, finding a way to explain why you were leaving your last job without actually saying a bad word about anyone. That’s the attitude you need to pull out of your bag of tricks when your new mother-in-law criticizes your hair, or when the buzzed best man grabs the mic from the band and tells stories that were never meant to be shared in public. Keep your cool. If you let loose on the guests, you will never live it down. You will be labeled bridezilla for the rest of your life.

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Cecilia Burke