Posted March 10, 2012 by Jim Vacey in Marriage

Before Looking for Wedding Dresses, Let’s See if He Knows How to Propose First

So you’re looking for the right wedding dress because any day now your wedding day is coming up and fast. Excitement fills the air as you prepare for the biggest moment in your life. Hold the phone; he hasn’t proposed yet? Before you start looking at wedding dresses let us see if the groom to be knows how to propose let alone have all of the tools needed to propose believe me there are not a lot of tools neither).

For beginners let us suppose that you have been with this person for some time and that you are not running into a wedding Las Vegas style. Ask yourself a few inquires first: 1) Does your other half have a source of income? 2) Does he have a spitting condition? 3) Can he form a phrase as a question? If your proposer can keep from spitting on you when he asks you the special question while holding the engagement ring he bought with money he made from his paid position then you have a applicant that knows how to propose.

Proposing is not the hardest deed that a man has to go through. It can be nerve racking and cause a man’s heart to jump completely out of his chest, but proposing can be done. “Will you marry me?” Does that seem that hard that it was impossible to say without drooling? You will have a more difficult time looking for wedding dresses than he does spitting out a couple of words.

To train your man for the proposal that you are sure will come, make sure he is prepared. Leaving little indications and articles around the house where he is likely to read them (i.e. the bathroom) will help the man plan for the eventual presentation of the wedding ring. Leaving pictures of an engagement ring selection will also help him find the ring that you like. You can’t look forward towards the crown jewels but you can definitely hope for the ring that will knock you off the pony.

Count down is upon us as the man of your desires will finally present you with the ring of your dreams. Your choice in a future husband is the only thing that you are responsible for so don’t mess up and hope for the best.

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Jim Vacey