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Best Anti Acne Diet Plans – Do You Know Which Foods To Consume?

Acne is a bacterial disease of the skin which may be characterized by blackheads, whiteheads and pustules on the skin surface and hard cysts under the skin. This skin condition is most frequent among adolescents that are going through puberty, females who are in a menstrual period and ladies who are pregnant. This is caused by the hormonal variations that happen in the human body during these time periods. The signs of acne are very often noticed over the upper chest and upper back of the torso as well as on the neck and facial areas.

The skin disease acne is a result of excessive sebum oil being made by oil glands under your skin surface. This surplus oil can become mixed with the skin detritus, dirt and dead skin cells and block up the pores. Sebum oil should normally flow through the hair follicles to act as a lubricant to protect your skin, but excessive amount of it causes pore blockages. If ever the pores on your skin are blocked the acne bacteria P. acnes could cause an infection on or underneath your skin. There are a number of reasons why extra sebum oil is produced.

Hormonal variations are a major factor in the acne skin disease but there are other contributing reasons such as genetics, heredity and diet. If the parents of an individual had acne then there is a high chance that the person will acquire it too because heredity and genetics are main factors in the health of a person?s skin. People can not alter their heredity but one thing which can be controlled that can have a huge impact on the frequency and severity of acne bacterial infections is a person’s diet. Food stuffs to be included in a diet for acne can be divided into two groups.

The first group in a diet for acne is foods that should not be eaten because they cause chemical changes in the body which can cause outbreaks. The human body has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to be an intricate system which depends upon the balance of proteins, hormones, vitamins and essential nutrients in an effort to stay healthy. In olden days people ate food stuffs that were natural and relatively unprocessed. Many of the highly refined and processed foods in a modern diet could make the body act in a way which makes acne worse. An example of such food stuff is refined sugar.

A lot of refined sugars in the diet could cause a swift increase in the level of blood sugar. This would stimulate the pancreas to secrete excess of sugar stabilizing hormones. This increase in hormone activity encourages the sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum oil to balance the system and that often leads to acne infections. Milk products contain high hormone levels and can cause acne outbreaks. A proper diet for acne prevention and control must consist of a sizable portion of fresh vegetables and fruits, oily fish and products made from whole grains that contain antioxidants and fatty acids. A health supplement to ensure daily requirements of essential nutrients minerals and vitamins is recommended.

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