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Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Parents 2012

Most of us think that February 14 is a day celebrated by married couples and young lovers only. This is not totally true as we should also think of the other people who have always been there for us like our parents. This day should be about expressing our love not just to our spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend but to our family as well.

Below are the Top 5 Valentine’s Gifts for Moms and Dads this 2012:

Make Their Favorite Meal – You can make your mom and dad very happy if you will surprise them with a nice and romantic dinner. You should cook their favorite recipe and do not forget to bake them colorful heart-shaped cookies.

If you have no experience in baking at all, then it would be wise to go to your local bakery and buy it. You can also find bakers online that makes creative and personalized pastries. You should also not forget the sparkling champagne or wine. It would really be nice if you can give them a full day off.

Hand-made Card – Show your talent by making your own Valentine’s cards for your parents. You do not have to be an artist to do it. As long as it is colorful and creative, it will be considered as one of the best gift valentine’s gift for parents this 2012. They will surely appreciate the card you made than a card you can buy at the store.

Framed Picture – You can buy a personalized picture frame and place a family picture in it. Place it in a box and wrap it up. This may be an inexpensive gift, but the sentimental value it gives is irreplaceable.

Personalized Mugs – Surprise your parents by giving them a cup of coffee using a personalized mug. Make sure that the message on the mug describes how much you love them. There are many personalized mugs you can choose from. They can also be purchased online.

Weekend Getaway – If you have extra money, or if you have brothers or sisters who are willing to contribute for a group gift for your parents, then consider giving them a weekend getaway trip.

It is very easy to book them a hotel through the Internet and there are a lot of great deals and big discounts that you can find online. But if you want to step it up a notch, get them plane tickets for a vacation they have been longing for quite some time now.

No matter what you give to your parents this Valentine’s Day 2012, they will really appreciate it knowing that you remember them. Remember to tell them how much you love them and how grateful you are with everything they did for you.

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