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Brief History On The Usage Of Tiaras For Wedding

Wearing of tiaras can be traced back to ancient Egypt where they used them to decorate their mummies. In Greece, tiaras adorned the heads of statues of their Gods and priest, while the Romans used tiaras to denote rank and honor. Apparently, throughout history, tiara signifies wealth and status. Thus, for affluent families tiaras for wedding are believed to be presented as a gift to the bride by her father or by the groom and his family as a symbol of their status in society. Mostly, it is decorated with diamonds which symbolizes “forever” or “eternal love”. Through times, tiaras have been embellished with pearls and other precious gems, it being considered an important part of bride’s wedding accessory. It was observed that prominent women wore tiaras to accentuate their wedding ensemble and some famous names are as under:

1) In 1840, the use of tiaras for wedding occasions was significantly affected by Queen Victoria when she put on an attractive tiara on her wedding. Since then it has become popular for most brides to include tiaras as a part of their hair jewelery.

2) Queen Elizabeth likewise wore a tiara on her wedding in 1919. This tiara was originally made for Queen Mary and contained diamonds that belonged to George III. The design of the tiara became so famous that it was copied several times for English ladies in the twentieth century.

3) Meanwhile, in the wedding picture of Princess Grace to Prince Rainier III, she was seen wearing a Victorian styled tiara fashioned from silk flowers. This echoed the classical laurel-leaf tiaras of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

4) On the wedding of Princess Diana in 1981 she wore a Spencer family treasure intricately fashioned with stylized flowers ornamented with diamonds in silver setting. It was fairly a big tiara but traditionally the large shape of the tiara is actually to balance out a bigger, flowing veil of royalty.

5) In the latest royal wedding that of Kate Middleton to Prince William in April 29, 2011, Queen Elizabeth II lent her a Cartier “halo” tiara to be worn on the wedding day. It was a delicate headpiece that is an understated headband of diamonds. The tiara was made in 1936 and was purchased by the Duke of York (later King George VI) for Elizabeth, the Queen mother. In 1946, the said tiara was received by Queen Elizabeth II as her 18th birthday present.

Needless to say, the particular influence of these royalty utilizing tiaras on wedding gatherings influenced a great deal of wedding brides to actually think of it being an valuable piece of their wedding accessory. Though the usage of tiaras experienced a drop of acceptance during World War II, it subsequently made a big return after the wedding of Princess Diana.

Currently, suppliers have developed with an assortment of tiara styles and replaced precious gemstones with rhinestones to make it more affordable. By simply moving away from diamonds, rubies and gold, the cost of the particular tiaras became a lot more obtainable to common people. As a result it made them consider using tiaras on wedding events not just for the bride but also for the entire wedding entourage as well.

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