Posted April 20, 2012 by Haywood Hunter in Hair and Beauty

Buying Tanning Lotion Samples For Your Skin Type

There are many choices for tanning lotion samples today. Many can be purchased at a salon where beds are used. They will offer you a small cup of the product that you wish to try for a small fee.

Tanning lotion samples are intended to help the manufacturer sell their products. By providing tanning lotion samples, the customers can try out the product before they purchase the product. Because many of these products can be quite expensive, tanning lotion samples can help you pick the product that you like and that will work for you.

Today many different places offer customers a wide variety of choices. Trial sizes are available for nearly every type available today. For some you might have to ask to get tanning lotion samples as they may not be displayed.

The choices in tanning lotion samples can be a bit confusing. If you are wondering what you should use, asking the person at the counter may help. However, as many people are discovering, the person behind the counter wants you to buy the most expensive tanning lotion samples that they have.

When you pick your tanning lotion samples, you will find you have enough for at least one session. Sometimes there will be extra left over. It is acceptable to use your tanning lotion samples more than once if you find you didn’t use all of it with the first session.

Tanning lotion samples can be provided in a couple of different ways. Sometimes suppliers will offer trial sizes in small packets. Salon owners also may offer tanning lotion samples by opening a bottle and putting small amounts into cups to offer for sale for customers. These products usually will cost between one and three dollars. The more expensive products will be more expensive as samples as well.

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Haywood Hunter