Posted March 20, 2012 by Rob Sutter in Wedding Rings

Can A Wedding Gown Be Too Tacky?

Why, on what is possibly a female’s most important day of her life, would she ever think of wearing something hideous? Everyone around her is there to see how beautiful she will look in her wedding gown. However, not even the most beautiful of engagement rings can salvage what can best be described as a fashion liberty taken too far. Celebrities are some of the greatest offenders to this code and not even fame can help them look just somewhat classier.

Reese Witherspoon’s gown might not look wild in the sense that there are frills or puffed-out skirt amongst other possibly deformities. It’s the color that would make many a head turn. Opting out of a traditional white wedding gown, Witherspoon was outfitted in pink and while it might seem funny to those from the outside, it’s an irregular fashion choice that should have left those in attendance scratching their heads. Yes, Witherspoon was the star of “Legally Blonde,” where pink was the main feature in her wardrobe but there has to be a separation between the character and the person and said separation was absent here.

While not a horribly dressed woman in real life, Heidi Klum’s wedding dress proved to be something that not even the loveliest selection of engagement rings could pull off. Klum reportedly donned what was called an ivory gown and while the name itself sounds fancy, the dress itself was anything but. It looked less like a dress and more like the result of someone tearing apart their shower curtain and asking a tailor to transform the rags into something to wear. The result is not exactly what many would associate with a wedding or any kind of formal event, for that matter.

It’s understandable why celebrities would go out of their ways to wear wedding gowns that vary from the norm. They want to spark a new sense of fashion as well as have people talk about their attires, for better or worse. However, gowns can be lovely and still attract attention. Body parts simply have to be accented and any imperfection should be downplayed. It seems like the dresses some celebrities wear on their big days were made more to look like April Fools pranks rather than legitimate attempts to seem breathtaking.

For whatever reason, though, celebrities continue the trend of untamed attires to have people talking. In Witherspoon’s case, a switch of color can raise the eyebrows of spectators alone. Klum, however, went another level further by wearing something that raises the wonder, “is that even a dress at all?” These are just simple cases of either staring a trend or wanting attention and the truth of the matter is that these extremes do not have to be taken.

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Rob Sutter