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Choosing The Right Grooming Tool For You

Lets review the Wahl Balding Clippers and the Wahl Groomsman trimmers. Wahl is know for its quality and reliability and is the choice of all kinds of people including hair stylists, professionals and barbers. For home use, the beard and its mustache groomer is a perfect choice and for those who love the nice perfect bald head there is the clippers. The Groomer and the clippers come with high quality features that you’ve come to expect from modern shavers.

The blades of the clippers and groomsman are precision-ground so that they will stay sharp for a long period of time, providing comfortable trimming without pulling the hair or whiskers. They are comfortable and easy to handle with just one hand, thanks to the soft-gripping pads on the ergonomically contoured handle made for your hand. The soft-grip pads also insure a safe mode of operating, as they provide a very secure easy grasp. This handy stylish trimmer can be used for your daily maintenance, but is also up to the task of any major facial hair cutting job when it is time to make a big change in your appearance.

You will also find that as you use the groomsman a second set of clippers will hand in hand offering a lot of different options in your styling process. There are many features including the Whal Groomsman seven-position beard trimmer regulator additional adapter. The regulator is easily attached to the head of the electric shaver, providing a smooth consistent, reliable trimming experience for you. The adapter regulator of the Wahl Groomsman has a function for memory so that it can remember the last setting height that it was used for. It includes a setting for long and longer beard and mustache handle bar hairs, which is very useful when shaving the beard or mustache area off your face entirely. The settings for this will vary all the way down to a tiny height which will be perfect for daily up keep when trimming stubble hairs each day.

The Wahl Groomsman can be used in a handy cordless mode, or can be plugged in via the electric charger. The high quality nickel-cadmium battery is very long-lasting, generally providing three to five years of service before it will need replaced. This trimmer charges quickly and provides a long-lasting charge. The Groomsman trimmer comes with a five year limited warranty, and is priced around $30.

Wahl Groomsman, not the Wahl Balding Clippers, will include a storage stand which can conveniently hold the trimmer along with all of the attachments and accessories, which is quite handy for home use. It also includes a pouch for traveling, sized to hold the trimmer, attachment and accessories, including the charger. The Wahl Groomsman comes with the trimmer itself, the beard regulator, two attachments for close trimming, a jaw line blender, and a mustache combing device. It also comes with a cleaning brush and cleaning oil for easy maintenance and care.

If you want a quality beard trimmer go with the Wahl Groomsman. If you want a quality clipper go with the Wahl Balding Clippers and then take a minute to evaluate the way you feel. There will be no doubt that you will love your Wahl shaver.

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