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Clear Tips On Ideas For Making Your Blackpool Wedding A Cheap Wedding In 2012 A Reality

Planning a marriage can be so exciting, but it can work out to be incredibly expensive at the same time. If you want to get married but you are counting the cost you need easy ways of making your blackpool wedding a cheap wedding in 2012. So here to help you are some ways to you can use to be able to have a celebration by the seaside for less money.

Booking where you will be staying in plenty of time can save you money, so make sure you find the hotel to stay in quickly. Using the hotel for the reception can also be a good move to cut out many costs. Getting married in a registry office can also be cheaper than in a hotel so think about this.[I:]

Next you should aim to do as much as you can yourself, such as making the invites, arranging the favours and even the catering if you can. Once again doing this can significantly reduce the costs that are associated with getting married. Take a look at some of the do it yourself invite information online and you will be able to see how simple and straightforward this can be.

Shopping for the all-important address is another area in which you can save a great deal of money, if you are a smart shopper. Look online for the design of dress that you love and you could be in for a treat. Shopping the sales is also a great idea and one that can get you a dress for half price or even less.

Reducing the number of people that attend your celebration is a fast and easy way to save. Invite the people who you want and don’t be swayed to invite friends of friends or distant family members if you don’t want to. Too many people invite way to many guests and this can really push up the total cost.

People who are not catering the event themselves will have to choose between a sit down meal and a buffet. The latter can be much cheaper and it means that you can have a wide choice of different foods available for your guests. This will be beneficial if you have people with specific dietary needs who are attending the reception. Buffets can also be left out on the buffet table for some time which means that it is likely to get eaten.[I:]

You might also want to ask people to contribute to the cost of the honeymoon after the marriage. This is a popular choice for many people are making today and one that guests are more than happy to contribute to. So if you have been cutting back in order to afford a honeymoon this is a wise move.

By following these hints on making your blackpool wedding a cheap wedding in 2012 is achievable. You can save yourself a lot of money and still have a fantastic time on this momentous day. So get planning and you will soon be standing in front of friends and family exchanging those important vows.

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