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Closer look on Vintage Diamond Rings

For many years the quote that ‘Diamonds are a women’s best friend’ has been doing rounds. Needless to say a diamond gem possesses a marveling attraction. According to some it was first discovered in India, though its true origin remains in question. People born in April have the Diamond as their birthstone.

Diamonds have became a symbol of power, vitality and well being dating back when it was first imported in Europe around the 14th century. The person wearing it radiates an aura of a rich individual.

Across the generations the Vintage Diamond Rings did not cease to be prominent and widely used. Contrary to jewelries produced by machines today, these were crafted with bare hands which gave them a special touch. Vintage diamond rings have various eras. A few of them are listed as follows.

The Victorian Era – The era (1837 to 1901), named after the Queen of Britain, witnessed the use of diamonds as gold had become a scarce entity. After the death of the Queen’s husband, these vintage diamond rings, were made with serious and dark designs.

The Edwardian Era – Upper middle class masses have managed to raise the standards of wearing diamond rings and matching it with their costumes during a short length of time (1901 to 1910). During this era vintage rings were lighter in weight and look.

The Retro vintage Era – The demands for precious gems had increased at the beginning of the 1930’s, however as the era draw closer to its end on 1980s, the diamond ring had lost its luster and charm as gold reclaimed its popularity.

Various designs of diamond rings and the constant changes of needs and tastes of people have been reflected in these eras. In retrospect the vintage diamond rings have experienced increases in demand and popularity however there were also years when it was out shined by gold.

The popularity had only decreased. It doesn’t mean that people had stopped purchasing them for good. People have their own favorites amongst the myriad of Diamonds and all other gems, and these admires who wear them and collect them in jewelry boxes would keep on buying them.

Diamonds had never failed to capture the heart of many ladies especially today. Engagement ceremonies would be incomplete without Diamond rings as it has been widely referred to as a symbol of an everlasting love and commitment for the couple. It has been a trend to give a vintage diamond rings as gifts to show love, care and gratitude towards ones’ partner.

These diamonds have allure and appeal and it creates an additional niche to the overall appearance of an individual, whether they are for engagement rings or the collections. provides a colossal collection of antique rings. If you’re interested in white gold vintage rings or any other gem, metal, or size give us visit.

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