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Destination Weddings In Florida Decorating Ideas And Bridal Wear

Destination Weddings in Florida can be great ways to have a beautiful wedding on a budget as the decor is already there for you on the beach. You can wear a sexy sun dress or a more expensive shorter wedding dress. The decisions are all up to you.

One elegant style of bridal beach gown is a simple spaghetti strapped dress in white or color of your choosing with an empire waist and tea length handkerchief hem. This is perfect for the weather and if your feeling really daring go for the strapless versions.

As a special welcome gift to your close family and members of the bridal party make up sand buckets filled with the necessities they may need. These could include sunglasses, beach towel, sunscreen, water that’s bottled, brochures of things to do and local snack foods.

You can even find just married flip flops in black and white for the groom and bride to wear on their honeymoon. A truly great idea for a beach wedding is a theme of Hawaiian.

For a grand party and reception plan a huge beach barbecue filled with local fruits and side dishes as well as delectable local desserts. Of course you cannot forget that you will need a full bar as well and a rocking band for you and your guest to dance away the night.

Place tiki torches all along the shore line and around the ceremony and reception sight for added romantic ambiance. If you want to keep costs down instead of hiring a band why not load up your Ipods with a mix of dance music and a few sentimental and romantic songs that are special to you both?

Destination weddings in Florida are easy to plan for the most part as the beach is the main decor. You can wear an expensive dress or go casual in bikini’s, sundresses and the like. It’s all up to your budget and what you want to make it. So have a very happy wedding! destination weddings in florida

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