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Different types of Engagement Rings

If you are wondering to propose a girl for marriage, you need to attempt to make it as unique as possible. The engagement ring which you will propose her with, is one thing which makes the proposal even more appealing, unique and impressive. Nothing says “Will you marry me?” better than an ideal engagement ring. So, it’s difficult task to locate that special ring.

Like any other jewelries, engagement rings also have various designs. In USA, the traditional engagement ring includes diamond. A solitaire engagement ring has a single diamond in the center. Tiffany Co. has introduced the trendy edition of solitaire ring which is referred to as “Tiffany Solitaire” which features six claws held by a first mount. Another type of engagement ring is with a larger diamond in the center and smaller diamonds on the side. Similarly the engagement ring with 3 diamonds is also referred to as trinity ring or trilogy ring. The three stones signifies the present, past and future of the couple.

In most of the Asian nations, both the males and the females exchange the engagement ring. These rings tend to be plain band of valuable metal. In a few cultures, engagement ring also serves the aim of wedding ring whilst in other tradition both wedding ring and engagement rings are worn or only ring is worn as per their choice.

Another important consideration of the engagement ring is its style and design. Contemporary and funky, elegant and traditional or may be delicate antique engagement ring are the styles of engagement rings you might think off. The choice of the metal for the ring also adds more style and charm to the ring. Diamond and ruby encrusted with lustrous platinum, shiny gold or the sheen of the titanium makes the ring more attractive.

You’ll find numerous posts and pictures of the engagement rings in the magazines and the internet. Looking these jewelry magazines and online jewelers will assist you make those all-important choices. You’ll get an idea of what sort of style is likely to make her heart flutter, which makes it easier to search through the hundreds of rings you are going to take a look at.

If you’re extremely keen on cheap jewelry, then online auction is the key source to obtain costly things for cheap costs.

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