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Discover Tips About The Darkest Self Tanner Products

We all like to have a good tan, but using the darkest self tanner products available is not always the best option. There is no doubt that an artificial tan is better for our health than one gained from sitting out in the sun. However, it is amazing how many people still put their health at risk by ignoring the warnings. Is it because the self tan products do not give them the results they want.

The main difficulty with self tan products is that we all have different skin tones and types. There is no guarantee that we will all follow exactly the same procedure when applying the product. Missing out or skimping on some of the process can affect the results. So looking at what we ourselves need to do when using the products can help us to achieve the desired results.

Before buying any product, including self tanners it is important to read the instructions carefully. Make sure that the user is not allergic to any of the product ingredients listed on the label. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for skin types and coloring. Using one that is not recommended for your skin type can provide poor results. Do not expect miracles, be patient and building up gradually is best.

Always follow the instructions and test the tan solution on an unseen patch of skin at least several hours before applying it to the rest of the body. Any allergy to the product will become evident in that time period. It is also the best way to see the results that can be expected when applied to the remainder of the body.

Applying a test patch also lets the user see how easy or how difficult the product is to apply. If a test patch comes our streaky, too dark and was not very easy to apply, try adding some body lotion to the tanning solution. This makes it easier to apply but does tone down the tan slightly.

Uneven and streaky results often occur because the tanner is not applied to dry, clean and exfoliated skin. When exfoliating, it is important to pay particular attention to joint areas and feet, to achieve a much smoother tan. Have a wedge of lemon or some cotton wool and toner to hand when applying tanning products. Dabbing areas that are streaky helps to reduce the excess colour.

Being in too much of a rush and not allowing the product to set can result in clothes being stained and the tan can become patchy. Particularly, products that have bronzer as an ingredient can be washed or rubbed off too easily. Users should always wait a few hours after applying the product before showering or bathing. Going to bed before the product is dry can ruin the bedclothes with stains.

Many tanning products are recommended specifically for use on the body or the face, rarely for both. Using one of the darkest tanning products on the face can produce a very heavy tanned appearance, but it will likely be too dark and not look natural.

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Haywood Hunter