Posted March 16, 2012 by Phil Lawrence in Wedding Music

DJ’s Experience Of Tailoring The Music To Your Audience For Beginners

So you want to become a DJ? Well, there are different forms. Some play functions, including weddings, anniversaries and others play to their own niche audience. So, like the majority of jobbing DJ’s, let us assume you want to play functions.

The most successful DJ’s have a broad array of musical tastes. This works because it allows them to better understand their target audience. Of course there are different style of music your audience will demand, so you must become familiar with the latest chart music as well as classics of other genres and era’s.

As you may expect, taste will vary depending on the function. One weekend you may be playing to an audience consisting over 50’s at an anniversary party. Another you may be playing at work’s or wedding function. And who know’s another you could have a regular gig at a local nightclub? So you must adhere to the whimsy of the dance floor and see how the react to particular songs or mixes.

Not understanding this crucial point will result in a lifeless party with punters not daring to step up. As DJ’s we know that is par for the course, there will be parties where people are more inclined to talk among themselves than dance. But hopefully that’s the exception. Afterall, so much of a business is due word of mouth recommendations.

In lieu of this, it is best to forget your own preferences for the moment. Foremost, you want to please the audience.

Experiment and introduces your own mixes in future. Introduce your own renditions and mixes scientifically, and watch carefully to see how the audience reacts. The best DJ’s are in tune with the ebb and flow of their audience, they are able to pick up the energy of the room and belt out the classics accordingly.

Becoming a DJ is about serving the public first, your ego later. The real buzz in this profession is found in watching the audience respond to YOU. Good luck!

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Phil Lawrence