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Do Divorce Lawyers Help with Child Custody?

If you need to do some work regarding child custody, you should look into getting a child custody lawyer. Often these lawyers will have training in family law. There are a few different situations in which a child custody lawyer might be needed.


Divorce is an unpleasant business, even just for each of the spouses involved. But it can be even uglier for children, since there is some question about where they will end up. Children don’t need whether they will end up with one spouse or the other. That’s why a child custody lawyer who is trained in family law can be of great help. There are many factors that govern child custody in divorce cases, and a child custody lawyer will be well trained in each of these individual situations.

For example, it’s often true that family courts will favor giving children to the mother over the father, just as a matter of tradition. So if you happen to be the father, for example, you will definitely want a child custody lawyer with family law training to look into possibilities for extenuating circumstances why children should end up with you instead of your spouse.

There are several factors that can change the likely destination of children though. For example, the financial situation of either parent can play a major role on who gets custody. If one of the parents is struggling financially, and has shown repeated inability to provide enough funds for their children, this could be a specific situation brought up in court as to why that particular parent is not well suited for raising children.

There are many different incidences similar to this one that might be brought up. An addiction to drugs, or alcohol, or gambling, or any situation that would be considered potentially harmful to children can be brought up by a child custody lawyer as a reason why that parent should not raise children.

Other Child Custody Issues

A divorce law firm or family attorney should have family law training in general, since child custody laws can affect one another. For example, domestic abuse problems can influence divorce hearings, or child custody hearings in general. If someone has a history of domestic abuse problems related to their children, then this is often a reasonable cause for why that parent should not retain custody of their children. In extreme cases, children might end up wards of the state as opposed to living with their biological parents.

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