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Do I Need To Stop Trying To Get My Ex Back?

Almost everything from the book are tricks you already tried to get your ex back. In all of those times, you failed. You would be satisfied if your relationship will work. You have the desire to get your ex back. You feel hopeless because for so many times you have tried, you still failed and your ex is becoming far and far away. You begin to ask yourself with questions like: “Should I stop trying, because I think I will never get my ex back anymore?”

It’s really hard to go through an unwanted breakup. There’s nothing at all easy about it. But, the hardest part is reaching the point in the process where you even doubt whether it’s possible to save the relationship. You’re on the verge of losing hope and that’s the hardest place in the world to be when your heart is hanging on by a thread.

You need to figure out what you should do next to prevent losing your ex in this lifetime. If you really want to get your ex back you should prioritize thinking of the best ways to do that or if you don’t, you might consider keeping away from your ex to prevent hurting more. The two options will give you opposite results depending on what you want to follow.

Some questions below are things you should consider and think very hard what your answers will be.

In all of the times both of you are together, are you happy?

It is not everytime lovers are happy with how things are happening. However, ups more dominate than downs in relationships. These are beneficial to the lovers.

Reject the trials, don’t let them beat you in the relationship. Don’t think that being in a relationship is all hard work. Some works must be in the process onto a good relationship, where you both are benefited.

If happy moments are more frequent than bad times, then it would sound easy for you to find some middle ground on certain happening issues which seem to pull you down. Finding a ground that can make both of you happy is even better.

Are your outlooks in life identical?

Do you both want alike things in life? You are already aware of the goals you have for your future. Can you find common ground and consider a few small compromises together in order to have the “big picture” kind of future you were both interested in having?

Only you can answer the question about whether or not you should stop trying to get your ex back. If you decide that you’re going to give it one more try, you need to make a commitment to do things different this time. Watch this FREE video first to find out what your opening move needs to improve your odds for success this time around.

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