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Do You Know How To Cover Up A Stretch Mark?

If you have experienced a large weight gain lately or hormonal imbalances because of pregnancy or puberty, then you might have probably noticed stretch marks developing on your body. These linear scars occur when your skin gets stretched excessively in a short time and skin damage and tearing takes place in the top three layers of your skin, the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers. In the initial stages these scars are purple or red but they soon turn color to silver or white. If you want to dress in swim wear or other revealing outfits soon, then you need to know how to hide stretch marks quickly.

1. Self Tanning Can Hide Them:

You have a couple of methods that can be used to make stretch marks less visible or conceal them completely when people are in a rush to eliminate them. How to hide stretch marks rapidly includes the usage of tanning products such as bronzing powders, spray on tans and self tanning lotions.

2. Use Makeup to Conceal The Hideousness Of Stretch Marks:

How to hide stretch marks on your body includes your use of a variety of makeup products for example fluid concealers and body make up to cover and conceal the scars. The cosmetic products that you utilize over your body is kind of different from makeup for your face. It is far thicker and is meant to withstand the perspiration and other wear and tear. It is possible to cover up your stretch marks effectively using a liquid concealer but remember to make sure that the shade of the cosmetic product matches the tone of your skin. A new way to apply body makeup which is becoming popular is to airbrush it on using a small electrical air compressor. Makeup products which are water resistant work more efficiently.

3. Use Your Clothes to Hide Them:

How to hide stretch marks successfully involves choosing clothing that can either divert attention from the scars or conceal them. Swimming suits that features thigh length shorts are popular now for both males and females. This style of swim wear does not ride up while working out and conceals lower body stretch marks well. For stretch marks over the chest a variety of high cut swimming suits are also quite fashionable these days. Every day clothes must be selected with an eye to either to divert the attention away from stretch mark areas or to hide them completely.

4. Drinking Enough Water Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

You should try to keep your body well hydrated both inside and outside to ensure that your skin stays healthy, soft and flexible. Drink lots of water every day and apply a holistic stretch mark cream to moisturize the skin to keep it well hydrated and healthy.

5. Anti Stretch Mark Creams:

There are plenty of natural lotions which can be used to cover and heal stretch mark scars. Cocoa butter is a popular folk remedy but other effective substances for reducing and hiding stretch marks include coconut oil, jojoba oil, emu oil, shea butter and aloe vera. These skin creams have a long lasting effect on hiding stretch mark scars.

6. Easy Stretching Exercises:

Many different physical exercises can be utilized to tone and firm the skin layers in order that stretch marks are much less noticeable. Stretching workouts in particular can help to break up scar tissue in the stretch marks and help to reduce them.

7. Get a Tattoo or a Henna Print

Lately tattoos are a fashion statement which is gaining in reputation. A good tattoo artist will be able to incorporate stretch mark scars into a tattoo pattern so that they aren’t noticeable. If a permanent tattoo seems like a step too far then a temporary henna print can be done which may last for a several weeks.

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