Posted March 22, 2012 by Faustine Garnder in Wedding Rings

Eternity Ring: the Incredible Symbol of a Vibrant Fidelity

If diamonds are not your style, or you like them but want a bit more color in your eternity rings, you won’t be overlooked! Many jewelers now stock and custom make eternity rings with rubies, emeralds, black diamonds, and blue, yellow, or pink sapphires.

Eternity bands are often given as the wedding band, with it raising in demand the last couple of years. A proper complement for an engagement ring, its opulent design can also stand alone.

It is the celebrated, and one of oldest symbols of your commitment to another person. An engagement ring, a diamond wedding band but, an eternity ring are the best loved. We know what the first two symbolize, but do we know what makes an eternity ring stand out? Why is it prized above all others? For one, the name itself gives us a clue.

Eternity diamond wedding band, which make wonderful anniversary gifts, are available in a number of setting styles that display and secure the gems in different ways according to the wearer’s preferences. Some of the most treasured types of eternity ring settings are the bar setting, channel setting, four prong setting, pave, micro pave, shared prong, and single prong.

If you’re anticipating getting a diamond eternity ring- whether as a wedding or engagement, for purely personal satisfaction, or a major investment- take note of its extremely special characteristics aside from carefully examining the 4Cs-the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

Because eternity bands have to measure a specific carat weight and be available in different sizes, the diamonds that are chosen must add up to the right total carat weight, be uniformly sized, and all qualify for the desired color and clarity grades. This can be challenging depending on the number of diamonds needed to form the eternity band of that particular size.

Eternity wedding rings that are well made with good materials should shine brightly forever, but we know jewelry does require upkeep to remove buildup of dirt and oil that forms with day to day wear, and the settings should be checked to ensure that the gems remain secure.

An eternity ring means forever; the diamonds go all the way around, meaning the love you have for that person is a continuous circle that never ends. When you present an eternity ring, it means that you will cherish that person for always, that nothing can break the love the two of you feel each other. Each diamond on the band can signify all the different moments you have already shared: first date, first kiss, year anniversary, engagement, marriage, honeymoon, and children.

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Faustine Garnder