Posted February 26, 2012 by Robert Denilson in Wedding Entertainment

Even Your Pets May Be Immortalized By Miniature Figurines

Are you searching for a unique gift idea that everyone will love? Miniature figurines, which are custom-made to look exactly like you, your friends or your family are quickly turning into the hot new gift on the market. Who wouldn’t be interested by comical collectables that match one’s looks and personality from head to toe? Figurines could be gifts for everything ranging from special wedding cake tops, to company giveaways and clever birthday momentos.

## How are the figurines customized to look like specific individuals?

It is relatively simple. You send a photo of the person/persons that you would like to be made into a figurine. A soft clay that’s non-toxic and simple to clean is used to produce the figurines. Professionals hand-sculpt the head of the figurine to the likeness of the individual in the image. Any face, even pets, can be made into these animated caricatures. The bodies are manufactured based on the theme that the buyer decides on to match their figurine.

## Which kind of theme selections are available for the body of my figurine?

Lots of body themes are available for your figurine. Pick from individual or paired scenes, with themes such as a variety of sports, beach, fashion, superheroes, work, graduation, weddings and more. The best part is, if you think that none of the themes match your figurine exactly, you are able to give a detailed request of how you want your figurine shown and it can be created it for you. There aren’t any limits! Whatever you can imagine, can be achieved.

## How much does it cost to buy a miniature figurine?

Prices vary, depending on whether you buy a pet, individual or couple of figurines. Pets and individual figurines can be anywhere from $55 and up. Pairs of figurines, like wedding cake tops, usually start at $120 and go up. Custom-made orders will be priced dependant upon the difficulty and detail of what is requested, using the figurine price as a baseline to begin from. Miniature figurines are a small price to pay for a gift that will last a lifetime.

Get creative with your gifts this coming year. These miniature figurines are the ideal, unique gift idea for any festivity. Your family and friends will be delighted in their humorous, smaller versions of themselves. Miniature figurines offers a whole new level of fun to celebrations for years to come!

If you are looking for a unique wedding shower gift why not buy custom figurines designed to resemble the bride and groom? Minimiiz can produce uncanny miniature figurines which are sure to surprise and delight. – It’s You, but smaller!

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