Posted March 26, 2012 by James Daniels in Marriage

Everything You Need To Know About Communication Issues

We talk all the time, and we listen all the time, but do we really? How many times have you been lost in your own thoughts while listening to your partner speak? Correct communication is essential if we are to be understood properly. One of the top complaints in relationships is that the partner doesn’t listen.

Careful listening is an art that can be cultivated. It takes attention and thought to be a good communicator. A good listener is a great asset to a relationship, and if that relationship has two good listeners it’s bound to succeed. The same applies to speaking. Clarity of thought is essential and can be improved by careful attention to it.

When we communicate, we need to realize that two things are going on…one person is speaking and the other is listening. This two-way communication has to be clear for it to be successful.

Make your speech clear so the other person will have no misunderstanding about what you are saying. On the other hand, the listener must give full attention to what is being said. If this is done, your communication will be fine.

If you have had complaints from your partner that you don’t make yourself clear when speaking, listen and try to overcome this. Maybe you are still deep in thought and have not processed the words you want to say. That can happen, and often does.

If you are the listener in the situation, really listen! We often think we are listening,while our thoughts are possibly miles away from the ongoing conversation. If you are listening to the other partner during an argument, be careful how you react .Take a deep breath and refrain from replying in a nasty manner.

When you are having a conversation with your partner, have it in a place where there are few distractions. Don’t have the TV going while you are trying to communicate. Put down the book you are reading and give full attention to your partner. Keep your thoughts on track, and don’t let them drift to other matters.

Good communication can make or break a relationship or partnership. Each must be aware of the other’s needs and wants, and this can only be accomplished by clear lines of communication.

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James Daniels