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Fashion Photography Training For Portrait – Weddings – Boudoir – Seniors

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Throughout all the Bruce Smith Photography Fashion Courses, Bruce will reveal just how he sets up his fashion lighting methods of high and low key lighting, and furthermore ways to get the greatest shots when working with studio strobe/flash or location strobe/flash or reflectors and diffusion screens along with the numerous modifiers that he uses for his incredible fashion photos.

Exactly what this Fashion Photography Course covers

* The Studio

* Studio Lights tips for normal studio

* Preparing to take pictures

* Guiding your models

* Discover ways to generate a flow of positive energy to your own photos

* You will additionally discover ways to compose your photographs

* Work your pictures to fit layouts and pages of magazines

* How to manage your digital work flow

* Clear up the secrets surrounding colour balance

* Management of your picture files

* Learn how to obtain the most out of studio illumination

* Find out how to use your meter to help manage image contrast and exposure

* Get the answers to just about all of those questions you can’t ever find the answers to

* Have a great deal of fun and go home with a few fantastic photos for your own portfolio or website

Fashion Stylist Our stylist is just one of the important elements of the successful team that will be creating the exciting trend ‘looks’ during the MasterClass. This essential role will add that dynamic ingredient to ensure the photographs captured are special to the course. Bruce uses their vast experience to ensure the right stylist fits into his team to assure the best results.

Make Up Artist / Beautician Make Up and Hairdressing might be referred to as the ‘icing on the cake’. The technical and creative abilities of the H&MUA tend to be fundamental to the success of any fashion shoot. Bruce decides his H&MUA for their creativity and their ability to deliver fabulous looks quickly on the day.

The team continues to be assembled to obtain the most from the week and take prescription hand to resolve questions and advise on aspects of preparation and shooting fashion. This means that there are countless opportunities to tap into their insights and knowledge all through the week. This discussion will only enhance the benefit which you obtain from this Master Class.

Models We can not create fabulous style photos with out fabulous fashion models. Bruce only selections models that are full time professionals in addition to suiting the specific looks which are created during his fashion photography master classes.

It is possible to choose to take 3, 4 or even 5 days of this particular studio fashion photography course. See booking and special discounts page back links bellow, for dates, discounts and locations for these classes.

Booking The Studio Fashion Photography Course:

Accommodation In the event you require lodgings during these courses, some of all of us will be residing at an hotel called The Wind turbine Hotel, Cricklewood, its quite close to the studio, you will need to pay for this directly and make your very own reservations.

Traveling and transfers For just about any of these courses you will need to organize your own routes, flights , in the event that coming from abroad, transfers to and out of your accommodation to the location of the studio. Closest station to be able to Adrian Pini Studios will be Brent Cross, there is a pick up service at around 8.30am and returning to the station at around 5.30pm.

To get the best out of any of these photography program, we advise you to take the portfolio enhancing and Photoshop for trend retouching course used the day after every of the 3 and 4 day courses, its incorporated as a part of the 5 day training.

If you would like a Fashion Photography Course to be locked in your area, please email me for more information about organizing a program near you. Simply click link for more information about being a Fashion Photography Course manager.

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