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Flowers In Weddings

It is an unwritten law that you cannot get married without flowers. Flowers are what make a wedding beautiful, different and distinct from other occasions. Flowers are both the centerpiece and accessories of the wedding decorations. It is the epitome of beauty, elegance and freshens the air with their fragrance. Choose flowers that are appropriate for the occasion and the theme. The flowers should match and complement the color and hue of your wedding apparel. They must be in tune with the rest of the decoration of the reception area and the site of the wedding ceremony.

Unless you are lucky enough to be a florist, you’ll need to hire one. Your florist must be able to provide the total package from the initial steps to the clean up phase. Some reception halls have ties with florists who they can refer to you, but you should also make your own choices. Get testimonials from previous customers. It may be tempting to hire a florist without check references, but it could also be irresponsible.

The flowers should be appropriate for the season, your wedding ensemble and chosen color. They should also be in tune with the attire of your entourage, and the mode of your wedding. Part of your discussion with your florist should be the kind of flowers that you like. It will narrow down your discussions and set the limits of your wedding budget.

While conceptualizing the flower arrangement, your florist may also propose suggestions on design that will fit the location and the size of your wedding. Take a look at the folder of their previous wedding arrangements. You can form a better opinion of the capabilities of the florist if you can have a look of their work in order for you to imagine how they will perform on your wedding day, instead of merely relying on pictures for samples of their works. To be sure that you understand each other, show them pictures from magazines of what you have in mind. While florists can do the job on their own, you should have a say in important decisions. If you feel strongly about a certain flower or color, it should worth fighting for it.

You may have your favorite flower or color that you wish to be included in the arrangement. You are the customer and you own the occasion. You have to feel good about your flower arrangements. You are the star of the occasion.

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