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Foxtrot Demonstration Videos

To get an idea of what a dance is like, it’s great to see how both professionals and beginners look doing the dance. Professionals will have some complicated steps and always look amazing doing the dance. Nonetheless, it does give you the feeling of the dance and whether or not you like the look of a certain dance. Amateurs will give you a rather more realistic view of what you may look like doing the same dance. What steps are reasonable for amateurs? Will the dance look fantastic even when you do not do everything brilliantly?

The foxtrot started in 1914 and became well liked by the dancing elite. It has changed from trotting type steps to more sauntering steps so dancers wouldn’t get as tired.

There are Foxtrot demonstration videos that show how the Foxtrot was danced in the 1920’s. You’ll see that the steps are a bit more bouncy and trotting. There also are videos that show the way the Foxtrot is danced today. It is rather different from how it was danced before.

The foxtrot also has a special place in my heart, as it is the dance that I danced at my wedding. Actually, lots of people choose to dance the foxtrot on their wedding day’s first dance. You can opt for it as the dance for the father-daughter and mother-son dance. It’s a very fun dance to learn and it has got some nice flashy moves that may definitely wow your family and friends.

My husband and I did not know how to dance when we originally took lessons from Deb Arends for our wedding. But with her help and some of the foxtrot demonstration videos that we watched, we were able to learn the dance in a matter of a few weeks before the big day.

Susan Todd wants every couple to experience an unforgettable first dance, in addition to the father-daughter and mother-son dances during the wedding day through only the best wedding dance songs. This is why her website contains reviews on the numerous wedding songs you can play on your big day, and reviews on the numerous ballroom dances and some videos of these dances, including Foxtrot demonstration videos.

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