Posted March 10, 2012 by James Haralick in Marriage

Frases Para Enamorar – Spanish Love Sayings & Times Not To Say Them

If you didn’t already know, frases para enamorar are lovely sayings in the Spanish language that are often used to get another person to like you. Now, these sayings are not only very hot right now, they are very powerful as well.

Firstly, it’s important to address the mistakes that people tend to make when using these phrases. It’s almost innate that people think they can do no harm when using these lovely sayings on another person, but the truth is it could very well be damaging if you do not realize the way you say things.

A bad thing to consider is the amount of times you use these sayings. Yes, we can agree the phrases are beautiful, but too much of a good thing does really exist. You should be cautious about this; saying them from time to time is okay, but to be at one’s ear saying them at all times is something quite different.

What to do? Simple. Just be conscious of what you are doing. You will likely know from within whether you are doing too much, or not enough. So simply be moderate. Not too much, and not too little, somewhere in between.

One of the worst ways to use these sayings is when it’s used in a negative manner that can hurt another person. This is usually done by a person who doesn’t really care for another, however, may act or play in such a way just for their personal gain. This really upsets me. We must realize that others have emotions and feelings, and it’s imperative not to intentionally hurt another just for the sake of doing so.

If your intentions are just to have fun with that person, or you don’t want anything serious, be a good enough person to let another know that. You never know that while you are playing with the mind of another, the person could be falling for you more than you know. It’s an obligation of yours to not let these things get out of hand.

With all said, there definitely are wrong uses of these lovely and powerful words. I genuinely hope that reading this information, you can gain just a little bit in understanding the correct usage of the sayings, and how they can benefit you.

I hope you enjoyed this post regarding Frases Para Enamorar and it was of help.

James Haralick