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Getting Married and What One Needs To Know

Getting married in NY requires several procedures that couples have to adhere to enable a quick and fast process. One of them is to apply in person for a marriage license through a town or city clerk in the state. The application must be signed by both parties in the presence of the issuing clerk. An application signed by another party on behalf of the couples cannot be accepted even if a power of attorney is provided.

Once the couple gets the license, they then wait to have their matrimonial vows officially taken and this depends on the age of the two people. If there is an urgency that warrants them to have their wedding sooner, then they can go to the supreme court which can give them their certificate sooner. However, if they are under 16, then they must have a family court waive the license requirement.

Documents that show age of the two people should be carried and these include passports, immigration paperwork and birth certificates. If these are missing, then the wedding is further delayed as no licensed can be issued without proof of the two individuals’ date of birth.

If the people opt to marry outside of New York state, then they have to pay forty dollars which affords them a license and marriage registration after 15 days of having the wedding are passed. These are mailed to the provided address on the application form which informs the relevant authorities that the two people are officially married.

The two people have to be more than 14 years old in order to be considered eligible for a marriage license. They also need to have written consent from their respective parents or a justice from the supreme court of the state where they reside. If they are both over the age of 18, then they do not have to get any permission from anybody as they are considered adults.

If any of the applicants was previously in another marriage, such information must be indicated in the application for the license. This includes whether the former partners are living together or divorced and if the latter, they should produced a certified copy of the dissolution of matrimony or a certificate of the decree of divorce as required by the clerk.

New York city is a world famous location that is known for love birds among other things. So getting married in NY is not a farfetched idea because the two people can be proud of having a license from a prestigious state and they can brag about this to their families and friends. After filling out their application, they can visit tall sky scrapers and exquisite features that are a part of New York.

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