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Guide to Alter Your Bridal Gown

Some bridal gowns need minor adjustment. Some need major fix. But nearly every bridal gown needs some sort of alterations.

Bridal gowns are some of the most difficult garments to sew because of their elaborate and ornate designs. Also, the skills of seamstresses vary greatly. Therefore, it is important to learn these expert tips and make your altered gown fit you flawlessly.

Be advised that you shall not panic when you find yourself in the mirror a little overweight in your bridal gown. There are plentiful couture salons and specialized professionals ready to alter it for you. They are patient and competent enough to reshape your gown into a perfectly fitting dress for your big day.

Before you take your bridal gown to a professional seamstress, it’s better for you to learn some of the special language of tailoring. The more you know it, the more efficient your communication with the seamstress will be and the faster she can get the alteration work done.

Hence, get yourself familiar with terms such as baste, cut-away collar, neck opening line, girdle, waist line, train of a lady’s dress, etc.

When hire a professional seamstress for your bridal gown alterations, timing is the most crucial factor you should consider. If you bring your bridal gown in too early, you might wind up not having a proper fit because you might gain or lose some weight after it is altered. But if you bring it in too late, you run the risk of not allowing enough time for the seamstress to finish her work.

Bridal gown professionals recommend you shall allow for two to three months from your first fitting to your last one. This way the seamstress can have enough time to fit your dress and makes sure it arrives to you just in time.

How many times you need to go for fittings depends on how much you are getting done to the gown gown. Generally speaking, it takes you three to four times for the fittings.

As you go to meet your seamstress for bridal gown alterations, remember to take your undergarments, shoes and hair accessories with you. With all pieces in place, it helps the seamstress to determine the proper fit and length of your gown.

If you don’t have the exact shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day, bring something similar in length so you don’t wind up stumbling over your dress and embarrassing yourself on your big day.

You may ask your maid of honor to go with you for the fittings. She will need to know how to create the bustle, so it is not a bad idea to bring her to your last fitting so she can learn how your gown works. You may also take your mom or a trusted friend. She will give you another set of reliable opinions.

When buying your bridal gown, keep in mind that a bigger bridal gown is always better than a smaller one. A bigger bridal gown gives your seamstress more options for later alterations.

The charge for the alterations of your dream bridal gown depend on how much work required. The more labor-intensive your work, the more money you will need to pay. But generally speaking, the alterations won’t cost you a big amount of money.

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