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How Safe Is Hydrolyzed Keratin When Used In The Making Of Cosmetics?

Argan oil is such a wonderful product that it promotes the health not only of the hair but of the entire body. It is one of the essential ingredients in many of the health products as well as cosmetics, hair oil etc. The Aragan Oil is extracted from the fruit bearing Aragan Tree through a special process. These trees are found in some parts of Morocco. The nuts are separated from the fruits and oil is extracted from the nuts.

The extraction of oil from the nuts is a lengthy process and it is for this reason that the cost of the oil is expensive. Much of the cost is incurred towards the processing of the nuts. Researchers have proved that vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and even proteins are largely found in this oil.

The curative properties of Argan oil has been established by researchers through many experiments and field trials. Now, this oil is being used as the base product in many of the hair oil, cosmetics etc. The curative properties of the oil are further emphasized because it is used for curing acne, dandruff, split hair etc. Researchers have also proved that the oil supplies the skin with abundant nutrients; proteins etc and at the same time remove the impurities from the skin.

Now, this oil is being combined with Hydrolyzed Keratin so as to have better results in improving the health of the hair. Scientists say that Keratin is a protein which plays great role in protecting the skin as well as the hair follicles and plays a major role in growth of nail as well. Now Hydrolyzed Keratin has been synthesized to be used in combination with Argon oil. Researchers have found that the synthesized version is similar in composition to the Keratin protein. This is found to be very effective on the skin and the hair.

The combination of the oil with Hydrolyzed Keratin has provided most encouraging results. Subsequent researches have shown that the Hydrolyzed keratin is also capable of causing side effects like dizziness, nausea etc. So, those who want to use this combination oil should consult their physicians or skin specialists and with their advice they can use the product.

Physicians are of the opinion that those who use this combination hair oil or cosmetics should carefully observe its reaction on their body. If they notice any symptoms of the side effects, then they should stop using the product. Further, the physicians advise the user to buy the product manufactured by a reputed manufacturer because the product is carefully tested for its quality and reliability.

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