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How to Avoid Wedding Engagement Mishaps and Nightmares About Wedding Dresses

Preparation for a wedding can be a very aggravating time in a woman’s life. From wedding dresses to wedding engagement parties, there is an magnificent amount of planning and scheduling involved that can make even the most level headed bride go completely crazy. While planning for our big day, here are some tips to avoid any kind of mishap during the scheduling phase and relieve you’re sleepless nights of any wedding disaster nightmare.

After the engagement declaration, it is time to plan the wedding engagement party. This is really the burden of the bride’s parents. The bride’s parents will setup a date for the party, find a place and send out the invitations. To abstain from any major headaches with the planning and preparation, have your soon-to-be-groom supply a list of family members that he may want to attend this fabulous event.

Here is a little fun fact: weddings are not cheap. The engagement party should be only a small fraction of the wedding cost; so don’t go nuts trying to invite everyone under the sun to the party. To keep the price level down, try to invite only immediate family members and close friends to your celebration. The event can be held at a family style restaurant or a fancy establishment if you so desire.

After the wedding engagement party, you can start shopping for wedding dresses. The thing about the wedding dress that is the most important, besides picking one out, would be the fitting. Over the course of your engagement, you may very well lose or gain weight, depending on how the stress affects you. Sleepless nights might very well have an effect on your scheduling and planning.

To avoid the nightmares of a wedding dress disaster, plan out all of your scheduled fittings ahead of time. Make sure you do all your analysis ahead of time on the dress place you decide to go with because if the fittings get too close to the due date, there is a chance you will be pulling your hair out. Remember to not strain as much as possible and really enjoy your special day.

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