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How to Go about a Marriage in Panama

Marriage in Panama may seem hard to accomplish especially if you don’t know anybody in the country but hardly so. Documents to be submitted for your marriage in Panama are essentially the same as those that are needed elsewhere. The most basic documents that you will need are certificates of live birth and one that declares that you are single and have never been married before. A certificate of no marriage does not really exist in some countries but you can always make a written declaration in place of it, declaring that you can legally marry. If you are a divorcee, present a document certifying that you are indeed one.

Before choosing a date for your marriage in Panama, complete all the paper works first so that you will not have a hard time scheduling and inviting people. Most of the time, foreigners who get married in Panama go for a civil wedding. A church marriage in Panama requires a bit more documents but is also possible. You may be required to ask permission from the church in Panama where you desire to get married. Passport copies must also be provided to proper authorities as well as medical certificates from an affiliate hospital.

If one of the celebrants is Panamanian, you will have to ask permission from a tribunal to get married and different sets of documents are needed to achieve this. Also, your documents must be converted into Spanish as required by the Panamanian consul. After you’ve had your documents authenticated, you can already set the date for your marriage in Panama. It is very easy to get married in Panama if you have done these procedures beforehand.

When everything is done, you are now ready to choose among the hotels and resorts in Panama and look for other wedding suppliers. Reserve only after you are sure that you are allowed marriage in Panama. If you were denied of a marriage in Panama, you can appeal from the consulate and comply with given requirements to get evaluated again.

If you know someone who has had marriage in Panama, don’t hesitate to ask for guidance. Also, the best source of information is the Panama consulate in your country. If you think that all these would be too much of a hassle, you can always seek the help of a Panamanian counsel to take care of all the legal aspects of your wedding. You will not regret a thing.

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