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How To Pick The Wedding Dress For You

Marriage preparations could put a lot of stress on people despite of whether they have enough time to prepare for it. It’s generally the bride who feels a great deal of this stress as all is expected of her from finding the right wedding reception to hiring the priest who would officiate the wedding. While wedding planners would seem to make things alright, the bride still has the final say on what should be used for her wedding. She is also expected to be at her finest and look perfect in her wedding dress, much to the awe and annoyance of single ladies at the event.

While lifestyle photography could take out the best in every blushing bride and give them their best angle, not all of them can photograph perfectly. A photographer could make them look taller and curvy in a snapshot but wedding guests may think otherwise. Here are some easy ways on how a bride could choose the ideal wedding dress sans going through the hassle of fitting them all.

For women with a pear-shape body form. Ladies with this type of body tend to be bigger at their bottom part. A-line, chapel-length dresses usually hide their fuller hips and balances them with the upper body, drawing attention to the bust or torso.

For hourglass-shaped women. Why you lucky one. While you have the type of figure envied by most women, not all dresses may look flattering on you. Garments that cinch the waist such as semi-fitted, mermaid and A-line dresses may look flattering on you. Stay away from empire-waist clothes and ball gowns as these dresses will make you look more rounder, larger.

For females with a cone-shaped figure. Women with this type of body tend to have a narrower bottom and broader shoulders and chest width. They appear tall and athletic. Dresses that would flatter their figure are ball gowns and A-line cuts, so that the narrower lower body would be concealed. Women with this figure should steer clear of Grecian-style dresses and spaghetti straps as they reveal the broad shoulders.

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