Posted March 19, 2012 by Amanda Basso in Wedding Rings

How to Propose is Just as Important as Finding the Right Wedding Dress

To all those guys out there who are planning on proposing to that very specialized girl, I have to give you guys some very important advice for a girl’s outlook. Do not pull this out of your butt. This is going to be a very important moment in both of your lives and you don’t want to blow out this do you? She can’t look at wedding dresses if you screw this up! I thought not, that is why I’m here. I’m going to give you guys some quality advice on how to propose so you can secure a bride.

First off, like I said before, don’t pull this out of your butt. How a female is proposed to mean just as much as finding the right wedding dress out of the thousands of wedding dresses out there. Plus, impulsive proposals with no planning rarely work out as well as really planned out ones. I mean you’re not banking on your love saying no do you? If you are I think you should reevaluate your life.

My second piece of information is if you have a sister or a good girl-friend or your love has a girl-friend that can keep a secret, get them to help you. They can give you good advice about how to propose to your love in a way that your girl would appreciate. Exceedingly if you get a close friend of hers to help you, I mean it’s one of the reason’s girls bring friends to go buying for wedding dresses with them. They probably know the bride well, sometimes a little better than the bride knows herself.

Lastly my third piece of advice and this is for all those YouTube live proposal people that I hear about on Facebook and viral online videos. Even if you plan something unique and something totally outrageous and want to tape the reaction; do not, under any circumstances broadcast it live on YouTube. I mean, and I hate to say this, there is a potential your lady love will say no. I’ve seen many viral videos on YouTube showing some poor guy proposing to a girl in a very general public and awesome way and she saying no and walking away. Save yourself some embarrassment and don’t broadcast it live. You can tape it and all but in case she says no, at minimum you can delete the evidence and not be globally mocked at, at a very emotional time in your life.

So, let’s recap. How to propose guidance: number one don’t wing the proposal, she won’t choose just any wedding dress out of the thousands out there you should at least put some thought into this. Number two; get a girl, one that the bride knows, to help you. And lastly don’t broadcast the proposal live, it’s just a recipe for disaster.

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Amanda Basso