Posted March 22, 2012 by Kevin Hartley in Wedding Rings

Insurance Makes The Perfect Wedding Present

Most wedding couples to be want to think that nothing can go wrong on their perfect wedding day but, unfortunately, all that we know about weddings going wrong is the awful truth that bad things do seem to happen on wedding days.t

Misplaced rings, damaged gifts, stolen gifts, broken down wedding cars, closed church’s, ill vicars, and, of course, terrible weather conditions can all hamper the perfect wedding day, and they do happen more times than often.

One of the most worst nightmares on your perfect wedding day is the wedding pictures, these wonderful wedding pictures that are supposed to be a lifelong memory, and for which you paid anywhere from 200 to 600 are spoilt. There are many unqualified people who call themselves professional photographers just because they have bought professional equipment. their photos are usually substandard.

The wedding photographer calls you up several days after the wedding day photo shoot to say that something went wrong while developing the negatives, or that he accidentally pushed a wrong key on his lap top and more than 500 pictures that you have paid and posed for have been deleted and gone forever. Or, it can be that he had just one set of equipment and batteries, cord, lens or memory card failed in the middle of your wedding day while he or she was taking your wedding photos.

You have booked everything and have paid the deposit for the wedding day venue when three days before your wedding day you get a message that the venue has closed for business for good, even worse, been damaged and you can not hold your event. You have many other wedding things to take care of, like wedding dresses, cake, rings and so on, and you barely have time to arrange looking for a new venue with three days to go.

Other nightmares like people losing rings, stolen gifts, and people sick right the day before the wedding, and the couple that is supposed to be enjoying the day, can start off their life together lose from 20 to 90% of the money budgeted for the wedding.

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