Posted April 24, 2012 by Simon Dawes in Hair and Beauty

Invite lost guests to return to your hairdressing salon with this marketing system.

This is an article about a method that we have used to successfully get clients who no longer visited our salon to return to us. The method will only work if you have a database or record of clients names and addresses .

In January this year we began our marketing strategy for the year and the first thing we looked at was how to get clients that had previously visited us but who no longer came to the salon to return. To us for services . We fortunately had a computer system with a database of client records including names, addresses, phone numbers and in some cases email addresses . Good records are paramount to knowing who is visiting and who no longer visits the salon and enable the marketer to contact the potential return client .

The goal was to give our old clients an offer that they could not refuse and get them to return to us for cuts and colours so we wrote out to anyone that had not been in the salon for six months or more . Because not every client visited that often some of the people recieving our offer may have been getting a free ride but we were prepared to take a small hit on this . The system we used involved a personal letter to the client . We wrote

You haven’t been to us for sometime and we have missed you ! We would love to have you back in the salon and so we are giving you 50% off any colour or colour and cut with any hair designer you like.

We made the offer conditional only for services and not products and also not to be used in conjunction with any other offer . A time limit of 6 months was placed on the offer just in case clients had only just recently visited another salon. We put in place a sort questionnaire with boxes to tick asking why they had left us previously and general questions like music preferences , were there any services that we could add, what drinks did they prefer and we also got them to fill in a new record card with a section for email because we found postage costs high and in the future we thought a campaign like this might be better run via email.

We can recommend this technique for getting clients to return to the salon and think it would be a great idea to repeat this system every 6 months.

The author has been managing hairdressing salons for over two decades. In that time he has managed several successful marketing campaigns. He now concentrates his efforts on managing the online side of his business.

Simon Dawes