Posted March 23, 2012 by Kurt Langston in Marriage

Is It Rude To Not Have Dinner At a Late Wedding?

Getting your guest list put together and figuring out who gets along with who is one of the most difficult parts of planning your wedding. You think it wouldn’t matter because your wedding is suppose to be your day and everyone should just get along but unfortunately that doesn’t happen. Your wedding day is full of compromises.

So if you are having a late wedding one of the things that you might be worrying about is if you need to have a dinner for your guests to keep them happy. For example if you are having sunset ceremony and it will most likely end at 9:00 is that to late for a full dinner?

I wish there was a clear-cut answer for you if you should do a full dinner or not but it all comes down to your decision. Not having a dinner will save you money but if you decide to do that you will need to decide if that is the best option for you.

If you decide to go with no dinner at a late wedding make sure you have more than just desserts to offer. You will need to remember that for your guests to make your wedding they would have needed to eat an early dinner. So by the time nine o’clock rolls around your guests may want something more than just sweats to eat. So having a selection of hor dourves along with an excellent dessert bar is a good idea.

So in the end you will need to think about your guests first. They most likely had to leave their home early which means they had an early dinner and will be hungry by 9:00 that evening. So if you decide to go with a full meal your guest won’t complain. If you decide to go with just finger foods and desserts make sure you have a good selection so no one goes hungry.

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Kurt Langston