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Jennifer Lawrence Is an Ideal Wedding Gown Model

“The Hunger Games” movie has many fans of the books, and even those who aren’t aware with Suzanne Collins’ trilogy, shouting to the skies just how amazing it is. A great part of the movie’s quality has to be in the acting quality. Jennifer Lawrence, who stars as the movie’s protagonist in Katniss Everdeen, proved her versatility as an actress. She can emote amazingly as well as move nimbly, the latter to match the book’s athletic character. Lawrence is also an ideal face to use when it comes to showing off a wedding gown, an image for those who are getting ready for their wedding engagement.

Lawrence is, to say the least, spectacular in her role as Katniss. Before she took on the role, Lawrence was a blonde with blue eyes but it seems like a simple change of hair color and style made her look even more attractive. Looks are key and her face gives off a soft, angelic vibe. Those who are in the business of doing a wedding engagement would be smart to choose her considering this alone. There’s more to the girl who starred as Katniss, however.

As shown by her “Girl on Fire” character in the movie, Lawrence can sport and move in a dress very well. During her interview scene with charismatic host, Caesar, Katniss wears a bright red dress and she looks stunning in it. Not only that but she offers the audience a show of elegance, twirling around in it as the skirt itself exuded gallant flames. If Lawrence can pull this off so well in a movie, who’s to say that she couldn’t do the same in, for example, an educational video for a wedding gown?

If she were to be interviewed by a company who specialized in wedding engagements, there’s no suspect that Lawrence would be able to hold her own in front of a microphone. She’s done interviews for movies in the past, so it isn’t foreign to her. Suffice to say that she’s had plenty of practice these days due to the immense popularity of “The Hunger Games” in both book and movie form. Lawrence would have to speak about how the dress fits and what type of body it enhances, to name only a couple of subjects.

Jennifer Lawrence, due to her natural beauty and the way she carries herself, would be an desired model for a client to show off their wedding gown. She has an appearance that many people can go to since she looks like an all-American girl while carrying a sense of subtle beauty. Lawrence can also move and she seems accustomed in her own skin. She will also be required to talk if the time comes, so due to her interviewing experience she will not have a problem expressing herself without lurching over her words.

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