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Learn The Tactics On How To Attract Men And How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

In most break ups women tend to suffer more. This is because they are more emotional than their male counterparts. They think that the break up was as a result of them not doing something they were supposed to do or as a result of them demanding too much. They therefore can get involved in all activities that they think would remedy the break up. They therefore get engaged in crazy activities which end up pushing their lovers further away. Their boyfriends end up feeling that going through the break up was a good decision. It is therefore good that one learns how to attract men and how to get your ex-boyfriend back.

One way of pulling your man towards you is by learning how men think. This is what is termed as the psychological weapon. This works by acting in contradiction to what men think. It is accomplished by pretending to have erased him from ones mind completely.

A woman should be cleaver enough not act as per the expectation of men. Acting in this manner does not attract them to you. This criterion just acts as a repellant. Acting desperate makes men feel on top of the world but this does not make them feel obligated to get back with you.

Being composed after a break up is another weapon. It makes a man feel as if he has been stabbed at the back. He then gets the feeling of wanting to get back with so that he can prove that he is a man. He thus comes back running willing to give the relationship a second chance. He is more attracted to you if you act mature and full of confidence.

In a relationship one should not act like a marionette where by the boyfriend controls all their actions and decisions. Healthy relationships are made of fights and arguments. Going with every decision your boyfriend makes leads to a spice less relationship.

It is also good to show him that you have other special people in your life. Most men are mostly attracted to women because of their outward appearances. It is therefore important for one to consider how she looked like when they first met. This is getting your body into the same shape it was in when you met and also dressing up in the same type of clothes you used to in the days he was attracted to you.

Pampering your partner with gifts at this point is not recommendable. This is because you can not attract them with such actions. This will in the end make them feel as if there are some mistakes you are trying to hide with these acts.

When a relationship is broken up your boyfriend could be giving you time to change. However it is good for one to be able to read in between the lines and be able to tell whether her spouse is going to give her a second chance in the relationship or not. It is not good for one to have her hopes high on things that will never take place.

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