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Making A Floating Centerpiece With Beads

Floating candle centerpieces can be one of the most attractive candle table decorations you can buy. Although it might seem like something as complex as floating candles would be expensive to purchase, in fact, you can make a floating candle centerpiece with a great many of the items you already have at home. Beads can be used for thousands of things such as bead bracelets, jewelry and decor for your home. When you add an over-sized glass bowl, water, flower petals and marbles or water beads, it makes the piece shine in every direction due to the light of the candle reflecting off of the bowl, into the water, and through the glass beads. The shape and size you use for your centerpiece bowl is entirely up to you. Bulb vase and trifle bowls are the most favored, however do not let that confine your imagination.

If you want a romantic centerpiece think about candles shaped like roses or orchids. If you are making a wedding floating candle centerpiece plain white candles pay attention to the nearby decorations where you can use more creativity. This is where you can really use your creativity to create a candle table decoration that is truly your own. When adding elements to your creation, be sure you select a variety of two kinds of decoration- floating and sinking.

Choose gorgeous elements to float beside your candles in your centerpiece. The most popular items are flower petals, sliced fruit like oranges or grapefruit, or hollowed out glass beads. Don’t let anything stop you from testing different items to see if they float. Anything that remains to be on the top of the water can be used to accent your floating candles.

Since we realize that reflection and depth are what make floating candle centerpieces so attractive, we need to pick items to go into the bottom of our bowl or glass to add more detail to our table decoration. Anything that sinks can be used but there is one guideline- the best bottom decorations are clear, or translucent. Because we are hoping to achieve reflection, we want to make sure light passes through our bottom items. Don’t let that stop you from seeking something new, but it is just a rule of thumb. Some of the most popular bottom decorations are clear marbles, water beads, plastic gems, and sparkling rocks.

Putting everything together is easier than you could possibly think. To create your candle table decoration, initiate by placing all of your sinking decorations into the bowl or vase. Then add water. Last of all add your candles and floating items to the surface of the water in any order that you’d like.

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