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Mercia Marquee Events Limited – Marquee Hire

Mercie Marquee Events Ltd provides a good range of marquees for hire. The Corporation has an experience of so many years handling hiring marquees for weddings, parties, company, birthdays, and lots of other events. We offer a private touch service by our qualified and agreeable staff, who provides all the obligatory equipments wanted to make a successful event. This includes the music systems, catering pros, luxury and comfortable furniture’s which come in various varieties to suite your taste, lightings in different colors and shapes together with back up generators.

Why select Mercie Marquee Events Ltd

We offer the best marquees for all events providing you with the best service of all. We have qualified and genial experts who takes care of all of your enquiries regarding marquee hiring. When hiring marquees from our company, we generally consider the number of guest invited to the ceremony thus we decide the best marquee to offer. There aren't any hidden charges in our invoice thus whatever is presented as the price is the final cost and therefore no extra charges comes along which is a guarantee that we're a trusty and trustworthy company. All prices are debated. We offer various colours for the marquees, lighting, mats, roof decorations and linings to suite your taste. Our marquees are best suite for all climatic conditions so no need to fret about weather change as they meet the safety requirements needed, therefore look no further for your wedding venues Tamworth company.

Apart from the marquees, we provide other services like entertainment of all sort including a live band, competent and qualified staff, exceptional caterers who've got a range of full course meals, snacks, beverages, best wines and non-alcoholic drinks to cater for all folks, hygienic and up to standard toilets, transport which incorporates all kinds modern transport and limousines, horse rides and other executive method of transport. We also offer floor matting which are friendly to all types of shoes including high heels and come in several forms. This include weaved mat floor, wooden floors, carpet floors, tile floors, and also dance floors. We have prepared automated fitted heaters in our marquee so providing the necessary heat in winter season.

We provide seasonal kickbacks which feature a good package. Some of the special packages are offered in valentine season, all early bookings made in our company, family package, Christmas package, birthday package which embodies the birthday cake manufactured by our qualified caterers, face painting for the children and also various kid gifts.

Mercie marquee events L.T.D puts the security of the customer first by guaranteeing that we have medical kits with our team at all times. We also carry fire extinguishers incase of a fire break out. Our marquee are up to standard as our tents are installed with proper drainage system incase of rainfall. You will never be unsatisfied with mercie marquee hire and you are assured a quality service.

points to consider when hiring a marquee

The event site or location is the key note when hiring a marquee as you do not need your guest crowding and at merci marquee lifts that burden off your shoulders by giving different spacious options to choose from.

The structural is also important and mercie marquee event ltd come in hardy to offer that sort of service.

It is very crucial to check the services offered in any marquee hiring firm's as it establishes the standard of service you'll get. At mercie marquee L.T.D, we provide glorious service in a very professional way.

Mercia Marquee Events Ltd, 58 Oxbridge Way, Tamworth B79 7YL 07815 670472 The directors of Mercia have between them over 40 years experience in Corporate Events and events management. You will be well looked after by this company. Here are some of our clients.

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