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Movie Wedding Dresses and the Fake Wedding Rings Celebrities Wear

In most feature films the idea of a wedding is either canonized or played down to the cheapest note that it could possibly interpreted as. The indication behind a wedding in the film business is that it is a huge party that has a romantic element to it. For the most part that is accurate. Aside from the wedding dresses and the wedding rings (which are all fake by the way) the Hollywood wedding is depicted as this grand episode in an individual’s life.

Jennifer Aniston in Marley and Me wore a wedding dress designed by Carolina Boulton Couture. This dress was elegant and silky, resembling a night gown almost. As simple as the dress is, there is never just one dress. There are thousands of wedding dresses that take up the screen’s time.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City wore a very modern dress that I think Lady Gaga might have worn (except Lady Gaga would have a veil made from octopus eggs). Parker’s wedding dress in the film describes the amazing range that the film is looking to conquer when desiring attire for the celebrity faux wedding.

Sasha Barrese in the Hangover wore a wedding dress that was somewhat comfortable except that her dress is actually awesome and affordable. The strapless silk organza gown is by Amsale and retails for $3,700. The style of the dress is Tyler and it has a sweetheart neckline with a natural waist. Nice, right?

No matter what movie wedding it is, the wedding ring is always this rock that would crack the bride’s finger off. There is always this habit that the wedding rings aren’t these impressive pieces of jewelry that not just any bum can purchase with a few bucks in his pocket. Rings in real life are usually a fortune if not more when they look as they do in the films. Everything is for looks not for values when it comes to the movie wedding.

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Jim Vacey