Posted March 23, 2012 by Pastor Callee Christiana Worthe in Marriage

My Favorite Communion Cup

When I was young, I spent the night with my Grandma Ruth every Friday. She told me bedtime stories which were always stories from her life. The part she liked to talk about the most was when she married Grandpa Sam. She told me about their wedding; all the things brides pick out and how it had all looked back then. She could recall more details about those few months in 1950 than she could about last week.

Grandma Ruth would uncover old photo albums like a storybook and point to every item, telling me why she chose it and where she got it. My absolute favorite was she and Grandpa taking communion; they had these Sterling Silver communion cups lined with gold, that looked like buried treasure. I liked to pretend they’d somehow found them in buried treasure, though I had been told repeatedly they were from Sears and Roebuck.

A Family Heirloom

What I never knew at the time was that every year on their anniversary she and my Grandpa would pull out their cups and share The Lord’s Supper again. But the week before my wedding, my mom brought me a package and told me Grandma Ruth requested for her to save it for me until now. Tucked neatly inside it, I found the 63 photos, those gold-gilded communion cups, and a letter. The photos were of my grandparents drinking from their communion cups throughout their lives, from the wedding photo with which I was familiar, to how I remembered Grandpa Sam right before he died. I opened the letter slowly knowing I was about to learn something great about my Grandma.

A Couple’s Tradition

The letter told me how happy she was for me, offered expert advice, and finally, explained my gift. She reminded me that I had been fascinated by the photo and those amazingly beautiful cups, but too young to fully appreciate other parts of the story. Now, however, was the time. The moment that she had really felt her partnership with her new husband was when he handed her one of their communion cups and led her through the sacrament of communion.

She knew this was truly the man who could love her, lead her, and serve her, especially in the things of God. She felt that second was when they started a new family, centered in Christ and made possible by His sacrifice. They reaffirmed this commitment each year on their anniversary; and wanted to leave the pictures, the letter, and the communion cups to me to pass on a legacy that I could continue with them.

Communion is sacred, whether between a loving couple, or with thousands in a church. Jesus said, “…wherever two or three of you are gathered together, I am there too…” [Matt 18:20 NIV] Fine communionware is up to 50% off at select online Christian bookstores. You can celebrate with me each year the blessing of communion with the one you love. That’s my opinion, and I’m usually right. Cheers, Be Blessed!

Pastor Callee Christiana Worthe