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Not Just Survival But An Inevitable Success In Marriage

Marriage is not something to be paralleled with a child’s play; it is a life time bondage requiring sense and sensibility. Choosing a partner is greatly regarded as the matter of heart and head in this regard is sometimes totally kept in abeyance. Heart only leads to temporary infatuation and cannot survive the affair as a long term achievement. Man is social animal and cannot survive all alone. For better survival, a lot of cooperation is needed which leads to a healthy and long term relationship. The consequence inevitably results in mutual gains. Once you interact with others a multitude and variety of personal, individual as well as collective affairs are involved. Successfully surviving such matters is never easy and calls for a lot of wisdom as well as in depth insight into the issue.

To survive the affair you are entangled in, you have to be prepared for a great deal of compromise. Patience, in this regard, has got vital importance and lets you reach a peaceful settlement of any critical problem on the way. Being in hurry, you are liable to make many wrong and short sighted decisions which may also cause a lifelong repentance. It is in the nature of every man that waiting becomes just unbearable whatever the prevailing circumstances may be, but if you control your temperament and snub restlessness, you can avoid many serious mistakes, which if otherwise made can cause an irreparable loss to your all season and weather tested relationship with your partner.

If you want your time-tested friendship with your intimate partner flourish, further strengthen and progress, you have to provide favorable environment and healing circumstances to survive the affair. Once you have got entangled in an affair or badly trapped in an unfavorable situation, don’t let the anger deteriorate all the possibility of any major progress. It has been scientifically justified and experimentally proved that in the state of mild or fierce anger, the adequate and healthy blood supply to your brain is badly disturbed. Inadequate blood supply altogether hinders the healthy thinking process and the right decision making capability. So, you are as the point of making hasty and wrong decisions.

To survive the affair, you have to be capable of looking into the time ahead and have the intellectual proficiency of in depth insight into the future. To make any affair pleasurable, you have to think of collective benefits rather than preferring and blindly rushing for individual gains. The quest for the fulfillment of individual and personal goals draws you very near to and in the proximity of selfishness. Selfishness is one of the greatest barriers on the way to long lasting relationship, and the relationship has to be terminated at one time or the other.

In short, if you are looking for a single step solution and a comprehensive answer to the question, “How to survive the affair“, you can keep the literal and practical meaning of one word in mind and that is sacrifice. Personal sacrifice is not only a key to survive the affair but it also promises a never ending, flouring and evergreen force of attraction between and among the individuals as well as groups.

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Matthew M. Earnshaw