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Numerous Stylish Bridal Headwear Options Vs The Traditional Tiara

Modern brides have a lot of options when it comes to choosing headwear that is not the traditional tiara. Because runway fashion tends to penetrate and influence manners of dress in other arenas, brides are now opting to move away from the more traditional bridal look, opting for more current styles. Some of these include wedding headbands, which can look and be worn in a number of ways that will be wedding-appropriate.

The popularity of wedding headbands has been growing of late. This could be because they are so effectively simple. They can also be very extravagant and flamboyant if so desired. However, they are favored because they lend to rather than take away from one’s wedding dress, unlike wedding tiaras.

A satin ribbon is an easy way to get the headband look, tied in a bow at the back or around the hair. Ribbons can be as embellished as you like or as simple as you like. They also lend the opportunity to bring color into the bridal attire, or highlight a color that may already be a part of the palette. Instead of a ribbon, you can use a stiff headband, which can be just as easily embellished with a variety of pearls, crystals and other beads.

A stiff headband is also known as an Alice band. It serves as the perfect base for building upwards or outwards to create a look that resembles the way a fascinator looks. Embellishments include beads, netting to create a version of a veil, or even feathers to create a dramatic look.

In addition to fascinators, combs are another great option for brides. Being smaller and more delicate, combs are versatile and can look good in a number of positions in the hair. This is great for brides who prefer to look different or have the option of changing looks. Fascinators are a lot more flamboyant and usually very noticeable in the way that they are decorated.

Flowers are a great way to tie everything together throughout the wedding. A bride can wear a single large flower in her hair or choose to decorate her hairstyle with lots of smaller flowers. Considering the many kinds of flower that can be part of the decor, the options are endless to achieve a look that is unique to the bride. Flowers can also be placed anywhere in the hair for maximum visibility. They are often chosen for classic and sophisticated hairstyles that are not very fussy, such as side swept waves with a flower behind one ear.

Finally, a very simple but effective way to dress up any hairstyle is to add individual beads or pearls throughout. These will catch the light nicely and will make the look appealing from the back as well as the front. This is also a much more cost effective option to any other headpiece.

It is easy to see that veils and tiaras are no longer the norm for brides. These very traditional options have made room for newer, and sometimes more effective, types of headwear. The beauty of other options, like wedding headbands, is that customization and personalization are easy to do to achieve a one-of-a-kind bridal look. This is perfect for those brides who wish to stand out from the crowd.

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