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Palladium for Making Jewelry

Traditionally metals like silver and gold were used in making jewelries. But today, plenty of other metals like platinum, titanium, and palladium are used in making jewelries. The first use of palladium dates back to 1939. Palladium isn’t totally new in the jewelry industry and for jewelry manufacturer. Palladium is a part of the Platinum Group of Metals (or PGM’s) and is mined and extracted from the similar mineral deposits as platinum and often even gold.

Since palladium is part of platinum family or Platinum Group of Metals, palladium has outstanding resemblance to platinum both physically & chemically. Similarly, palladium also has lustrous white silvery colour that makes it ideal for use in jewelry. Palladium jewelries are manufactured from 95-100% pure palladium which makes it hypo allergenic. Being hypo allergenic palladium jewelries are perfect for people with delicate or irritable skin.

Although, palladium comes from platinum family, it is 12 percent harder and 40 percent lighter than platinum. This statistics interprets a significant saving when it comes to buying palladium jewelry. Since the price of jewelry depends on the mass of the metal along with the labor cost, the ring made from palladium will noticeably cost less than the ring made from platinum as it is lighter.

Additionally, palladium is also much cheaper than platinum. In fact , palladium costs a little part of the price of platinum. In August 2009, the palladium was priced a quarter of the cost of the platinum and a 3rd of the gold. Not only palladium is cheaper per oz. than gold, it also has a range of benefits over gold.

Since gold are yellow in its natural form, to create a white gold, yellow gold is alloyed with several white metals like palladium, nickel and silver. But even with the amalgamate, it is not possible to change gold into pure white color. Therefore, electroplating is done to give white gold a white shine. But over a period of time, this plating effect fades resulting customers to believe their gold has tainted. But palladium has no use of plating as palladium is naturally white in color and palladium jewelry will maintain its colour over a period of time.

Palladium has tons of advantages over other materials. It is lighter, stronger and cheaper. Its white silver shine makes it a good metal for making wedding and engagement rings and jewelry. In addition, palladium being a hypo allergenic metal makes it excellent for jewelry wearers who’ve sensitive and irascible skin.

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