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Planning a Perfect Wedding in the Caribbean

Wedding in the Caribbean may sound like a dream but it’s not hard to make it into reality. All you need to have is time and the right contacts to organize the wedding. Other couples would immediately dismiss the idea of having a wedding in the Caribbean without even trying or researching about it. Mainly because people think that it’s expensive and impractical. Couples will be surprised that getting married in the region will actually save them money. Guest will be fewer, the supplies and materials are cheap, and services like photographers are abundant and reliable in the area. The following are pointers on how to organize your dream wedding in the Caribbean.

Plan Way before you go

For planning weddings, it has always been suggested that two or more years would be the ideal time for preparation. Some may thing that this is too long but this time actually includes preparation for legal documents and permits. Couples will find many deals will be a lot cheaper if they are arranged or reserved earlier. Plane tickets and hotel accommodations can even go as low as 50 percent off when reservations are done on an earlier time. Organizers in the Caribbean usually include plane tickets and accommodation in their wedding package but you might want to stay in a different place than what they are offering.

Your Family is your Guest List

For convenience, a lot of couples who celebrate their wedding in the Caribbean do not invite many people. Usually their guest list only includes family and a few close friends. Flying in all your friends and extended family to the Caribbean will make your wedding rather expensive. It is wonderful to share this very important event to many friends and relatives but being practical is also being important. Saving more money from the wedding means more money for the honeymoon.

Fix a Sensible Budget

Having a wedding in the Caribbean is just similar to having a wedding in your home country. You still need to set a limit or a budget on your costs, which is often not followed and becomes a headache sometimes. To avoid this, always set limits to your wedding and let the organizer know how much food you want to serve, how many guests you want to accommodate, which rooms you want your guests to stay in, and so on and so forth.

Choose a Deal

There are numerous packages for wedding in the Caribbean. The prices of these packages, which depends on most couples’ budget, are the best that money can buy. Another way of saving money is to look for customizable packages where in you can choose and eliminate services, items, or supplies that you feel is not really a good deal.. For packages and promos, you only need to pay a one-time payment and will prevent you from spending some more. The organizers will be able to estimate everything so that all services will be enough for everyone. Most basic packages start at $1000 dollars inclusive of the flowers and food and accommodation for two for your honeymoon.

Bring valuable Stuff that You Can

To minimize your cost, you can ask a friend or a family member to become your photographer if they’re familiar with this kind of hobby. Hiring a professional will definitely cost you more. In addition, produce your unique clothes to the marriage ceremony since you don’t want somebody else to buy a surprise wedding outfit for you. Moreover, you can also ask family members to do hairstyles and make-up provided that they know what they’re doing. By doing so, your expenses can be reduced.

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