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Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget

Do you plan to get married on a tight budget? You will find it is probably not as difficult as you expect. Weddings can be very expensive, but you can find ways to save money.

First of all, you should write down everything you spend and all that you plan on spending. You may want to set up a spreadsheet on your computer with all the different headings on the left, followed by a ballpark budget figure for each one that you can set right now, and then a closer estimate of the actual cost when you have information from caterers etc.

Always keep in mind that the only thing truly necessary for you to get married is to have a marriage license; all else is extra. Anything more than that is what you choose to spend. You should decide everything in base of your wishes and priorities.

Most people choose to have at least a few guests that will need to be fed a meal. If you are working with a very small budget, it can be done at someones house. But, most people choose to have caterers serve the meal.

By all means shop around to find who can provide a good tasty meal for a low cost, but remember that with catering you often get what you pay for. If you let the caterers know that you don’t have a lot of money, they might be able to steer you toward less expensive options. Setting a limit on the number of alcoholic drinks that will be available will be a huge saving.

Keep your guest list down to a minimum, since that’s where the expense usually comes from. Do not feel obligated to invite everybody. In fact as a general rule, the fewer people you invite, the less you will hurt anybody’s feelings. If you cannot invite all of your work colleagues it may be best to invite none of them.

The wedding dress is usually a hefty expense as well. Do you really need a new dress? Could renting one be an option?

What about asking someone in the family if they have a vintage dress that could be updated and fitted for the new bride? An original 1950s, 60s or 70s dress could be beautiful, and you can theme the wedding around it.

There are some other things you can probably avoid. Most people probably have twice as many flowers as they need at weddings, for example. You do not need to provide expensive wedding favors, centerpieces or have heavy printed invitations. You can make many of these things yourself or have them made by friends when you are planning a wedding on a small budget.

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